Wednesday, March 4, 2009

All One Team - A Shift is happening in MLM, are you feeling it?

Join us on the leading edge of an amazing Heart Based Shift that is taking place in the MLM/Network Marketing Industry.

AllOneTeam is a new organization of MLM/Network Marketing professionals that are embracing and committing to the following principles:

1- Connecting too and Celebrating the diversity of individuals, companies, products, compensation plans, trainings and systems.

2- Encouraging each other and contributing to the success of our existing businesses, realizing that when one wins… we all win.

3- Contributing to the MLM/Network Marketing industry as a whole by creating the space for all of us to shift from:

- Resistance to Acceptance - Separateness to Connection

- Competition to Contribution - Contention to Cooperation

- Expectations to Encouragement - Persuasion to Influence

If any part of this resonates within you, we invite you to join us in one of our online or local All One Team communities by visiting:

FaceBook Group:

REMEMBER: People rarely join a MLM, Direct Sales, Relationship Marketing or Network Marketing company, They Join YOU!

Success comes more from building relationships than finding the latest high tech way to slam people in.

Introduce yourselves in a personal way to the group, rather than just throwing out the latest business opportunity or system. Tell us if you are a Work at Home Mom, Dad , Single Parent, Full Time, Part Time, Successful, Struggling....... Tell us why you are in this industry.

Remember, when one person or company succeeds in this industry it benefits all of us.


Steve & Linda Stay


In his first dozen years in MLM or Network Marketing, Steve Stay experienced what most people would call "total failure" and give them every reason they needed to give up the dream. But that wasn't part of Steve's script as one fateful day a shift happened inside him and the way he experienced the MLM industry dramatically shifted as well. Within three months he was a top earner in the industry. Discover more about Steve's honest take on his 36+ year personal MLM journey at: