Friday, January 30, 2009

The MLM Success Jungle

One day a lion, feeling pretty Kingly, walked deep into the jungle and coming across a python he asked: "Who's the boss around this place?" The python responded, "Why you are Mr. Lion, everyone knows that."

Feeling good he approached a gorilla and asked, "Who's the greatest around here?" The gorilla said, "You're the man, you rule this place Mr. Lion".

After asking many other animals the same type of questions and getting the same kind of responses, the lion eventually met up with an elephant. He boldly asked the elephant, "Who's the king of the jungle?" The elephant reached down with his trunk and grabbed the lion. Picking him up he proceeded to throw the lion a great distance into a big tree.

After several minutes, the lion bruised, broken and bleeding a bit, got up and stumbled over to the elephant, looked him directly in the eyes and said, "That's no way to act just because you don't know the right answer".


For years I ventured into the sales and business ownership jungle over and over and over again. The stories told and promises made were so exciting and enticing. I kept going in, confident that this time things would be different, only to end up eventually being thrown by an "elephant".

It didn't take long to realize I wanted to avoid elephants at all cost, but to no avail, they kept showing up.

Then one day someone said... "Hey, quit stressing out and start making friends with the elephants! What? Make friends with the beast that had been destroying my dreams?"

Well, what I'd been doing certainly wasn't working, so I hesitantly decided to give it a try, and almost overnight everything in my life started to dramatically change for the better.

For years I refused to see what experience was desperately trying to teach me. FACE your FEARS. All the rejection, ridicule, failure, bogus commitments, backorders, blue sky motivation, bounced bonus checks, marketing plan changes, personality clashes, scams of every variety, advertising losses, pirating of business, a new "better" deal, no support, no training.... the problems that I blamed for keeping me from success.

I now know that all those problems were created by my own beliefs. These elephants were created be me, for me.

As I started becoming friends with these "elephants", I witnessed my limiting beliefs being dispelled and beliefs that supported my dreams naturally took their place.

How I wish I'd befriended the elephants years earlier as by doing so my world transformed from one of desperation, chaos and financial ruin to one of possibilities, fulfillment and financial freedom.

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In his first dozen years in MLM or Network Marketing, Steve Stay experienced what most people would call "total failure" and give them every reason they needed to give up the dream. But that wasn't part of Steve's script as one fateful day a shift happened inside him and the way he experienced the MLM industry dramatically shifted as well. Within three months he was a top earner in the industry. Discover more about Steve's honest take on his 36+ year personal MLM journey at: